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itransec and Sababa Security Deliver Security Insights into the Corporate IT Security Industry

Updated: Jan 4

Barcelona, June 9, 2020 – itrainsec, an international network of cybersecurity experts and analysts, and Sababa Security, an Italian IT security firm based in Milan, today announced their official partnership aimed on offering customers insights into every aspect of the IT security industry. The collaboration allows itrainsec experts to provide training courses that integrate with Sababa’s Security unique and innovative services, resulting in a streamlined portfolio of services that allows customers to gain a deeper knowledge into the IT security industry all over the world.

With cybersecurity playing an increasingly critical role in today’s global environment, customers and corporations recognize the need to invest and stay current with technology trends that will allow them to remain at the forefront of innovation. This strategic partnership provides different solutions and expertise that will allow clients to be part of a network of experts in the IT and cybersecurity industry and participate in customized trainings that will further deepen their knowledge of IT security.

“At itrainsec, we believe in a holistic learning experience. We take care of every detail that allows our customers to save time and get the most out of the trainings. During the past 10 years, I’ve been organizing IT security conferences for InfoSec professionals all over the world. This invaluable experience allowed me to form bonds and friendships with experts and analysts who have now become trainers at itrainsec,” said Dasha Diaz, CEO and founder of itrainsec.

itrainsec makes its debut by providing 10 exclusive security courses on topics such as Reverse engineering, APT Malware, Threat Intelligence and many others, taught by renowned industry experts with more than 15+ years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. Our trainers have worked in companies such as Google, Palo Alto, Kaspersky, Microsoft and among others.

Our trainers are well known in the community and their expertise will bring unique knowledge and opportunities to our customers. For us to partner with Sababa Security means opening the opportunity not only to bring the knowledge to the wider market, but also support Sababa’s customers with a deeper insight into expertise in the field of cyber security,” added Diaz.

Sababa Security is a company focused on leading innovation in the IT security field. It exploits its technological capabilities to assure that companies and clients can contain a cyberattack, by limiting the damage caused in the event of an incident. The company also provides modern and flexible technology to support clients all over the world.

“With itrainsec our customers can both gain knowledge in diverse cybersecurity areas and deepen their expertise in specific topics. They can choose from the best trainers across the cybersecurity community, specializing in the areas they want to gain deeper knowledge in”, - concluded Alessio Aceti, CEO of Sababa Security.

About itrainsec

itrainsec – is a company based in Barcelona that works with an international network of experts, who have been in the IT industry for over 15 years. We bring the best IT practitioners from the world’s largest corporations and IT security companies that will provide our customers with the best insights into every aspect of the IT security industry. itrainsec offers both online and offline training programs for IT professionals around the world.

For more information, please visit our or connect with us on Twitter and  LinkedIn

About Sababa Security

Sababa Security is the first Italian innovation cyber security vendor, that provides both security products and fully managed services. Its solutions fit both enterprises with specific cyber security requirements and companies that need enterprise-level cyber security fully managed by a trusted provider. Sababa Security allows enterprises to protect digital innovations across industrial, automotive, IoT, media streaming and other verticals as well as boost efficiency of their current corporate security.

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