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Black Friday Deal Is Available until December 1!

Updated: Jan 4

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We've been working really hard, but we want to give away as much as possible to the cyber security community and also to support, to engage, to network, and bring you to another level with our training courses!

We are giving 20% discount for our Financial Malware Analysis course that will happen on December 7-10, and will be hosted on-line by Sergey Lozhkin who uncovered and analyzed some of the most advanced financial attacks, including Silence, Carbanak and Lazarus.

Use the promo-code when registering for the course: BLCKFRDYFMA

This training course provides all you need to know for analyzing sophisticated malware used in modern real-world attacks against financial organizations. You will analyze methods, malware, payload delivery vectors, shellcodes, anti-analysis and anti-detection capabilities used in modern financial attacks. The training is 99% hands on and provides students with the core knowledge to reverse engineer financial malware, regardless of their tool of choice.

Key takeaways

  • Reversing approach and first steps to analyzing modern financial attacks.

  • Static and dynamic analysis of financial APT samples and artefacts.

  • Creating automatic deobfuscation tools.

  • Analysis of malicious documents: shellcode and payload extraction.

Duration and format

This is a fully online 24-hour course split into 6-hour sessions over 4 days.


  • Core programming concepts.

  • Knowledge of Windows OS architecture and APIs.

  • Basic knowledge of Assembler language is a must.

If you have any questions about the course, please, contact us at

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