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1 day / 4 h online session




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Cyber extortion vs Zen. Surviving ransomware.  Antukh. Pumar.


Alexander Antukh & Gaston Pumar

About the training: 

Alexander Antukh
Alexander is an award-winning cybersecurity expert with a proven track record of managing security breaches and designing successful information security programmes from scratch. He has a background in malware analysis, holds an MBA, and has worked as a CISO for multiple companies. His passion is securing small businesses and bringing real value to his clients. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess and contributing to his local cyber community.

Gaston Pumar
Gaston is an expert in information security with more than 15+ years of experience in risk quantification and compliance. He specialises in process optimisation and internal auditing, particularly in the areas of IT operations and security. He has successfully designed and led the implementation of security programs in multiple industries, including oil and gas, freight, and technology.

Finding yourself in a situation where your company has been hit by ransomware, your systems and data are paralysed and hackers are threatening to destroy or expose your data can be highly stressful. Unfortunately, attackers are aware of this and take advantage of the situation, which is why this is the time in which most post-breach mistakes happen. This training will cover the current threat landscape and the characteristics of the different ransomware families and breach patterns that are employed. Additionally, by gaining insights into the attackers` mindset you will be better prepared to assess the situation, implement the best crisis management strategy, and execute a negotiation protocol to minimise the damage as much as possible.
Target audience:
Executives & upper management (CEOs, CFOs, CTOs), compliance professionals, IT security specialists. The course can be adapted depending on the audience`s background.
Key takeaways:

  • Define ransomware and understand the current threat landscape

  • Differentiate between the current ransomware families and how they operate

  • Differentiate between common breach patterns across industries

  • Assess crisis management strategies to find the one that is optimal for your business

  • Identify the psychological tricks used by hackers

  • Implement custom negotiation protocols to achieve the best possible outcome

  • Execute post-restoration procedures

What you get after the training:

  • itrainsec shareable certificate, signed by the trainer (add it to your LinkedIn profile) 

  • Course materials 

  • Practical skill to elevate your career to the next level 

  • After-training consultancy and support 

  • Expansion of your professional network in the cybersecurity industry 

  • Stronger cybersecurity posture of your business

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