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CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS: DATA BREACH MITIGATION STRATEGY                                                       




2 days





Denis Makrushin


Denis Makrushin

About the training: 

Denis Makrushin is a security researcher and consultant focusing on vulnerability assessment and product security. Denis formerly worked for Ingram Micro as the Head of Application Security. He built and implemented a product security program for an enterprise-scale platform used by companies from the Fortune 100 list.

More recently, as a Security Researcher with the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky, he focused on vulnerability research and security assessment of emerging technologies.

Denis has trained and presented at many international conferences, including Defcon, RSA Conference, Security Analyst Summit, and Infosecurity, as well as at multiple closed-door industry events. He holds a master's degree in Information Security from the National Research Nuclear University.

Every organization with IT-infrastructure is a target of cyber-attack. According to public statistics, more than 80% of the business is affected by cybersecurity incidents, and it doesn’t matter what the industry or level of the business. Incident response procedures are necessary for any security program, but when an attack starts communication is the baseline for mitigation strategy to reduce cost of the incident.

We developed the training to enable organization leadership to perform right decisions and actions during data breach incidents. During the training we will establish an incident communication plan taking into account the organization leadership and security program maturity. Based on the plan and real-world cases we will handle the incident and will go through the different data-breach scenarios to realize the plan from initial step to the end of the crisis.

Key takeaways:

  • Deep understanding of the nature of cybersecurity incidents using insights delivered by industry leading cybersecurity expertise

  • Decision making process and management and communication strategy to mitigate business and reputation impact during corporate crisis

  • Ready-to-use incident management plan

What you get after the training:

  • itrainsec shareable certificate, signed by the trainer (add it to your LinkedIn profile) 

  • Course materials 

  • Practical skill to elevate your career to the next level 

  • After-training consultancy and support 

  • Expansion of your professional network in the cybersecurity industry 

  • Stronger cybersecurity posture of your business

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