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Martin Vigo

Martin Vigo


Security Researcher

Martin Vigo is a security researcher and ethical hacker with a strong background in Product Security and Software Engineering who has made significant contributions to the cybersecurity community. With a focus on mobile security, identity and authentication, code reviews, and penetration testing, Martin has dedicated himself to ensuring the security of cloud-based systems. 


He has presented at various international conferences and has been involved in finding vulnerabilities and developing secure solutions for different organisations. As the Founder of Triskel Security, a growing security consulting company, he provides comprehensive information security solutions to clients. Martin is also recognised as the host and producer of the Spanish cybersecurity podcast "Tierra de Hackers," which covers the latest cybersecurity news and trends. 


With a primary interest in offensive security, he has delivered captivating presentations on various topics, including voicemail cracking for accounts takeover, exploiting password managers, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence), leveraging Apple's Facetime for spy programs, and best practices in mobile app development. These presentations have been showcased at prestigious conferences such as DEF CON, Blackhat EU, Ekoparty, BSides Las Vegas, Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit, and Shakacon. 



Martin Vigo


Become a security subject matter expert within your team, who is able to take on additional responsibilities such as reviewing code for vulnerabilities, and even mentoring and educating other engineers in cybersecurity essentials.

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