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Leonida Reitano

Leading Global OSINT Expert

Leonida Reitano is a leading global open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering expert. For over 12 years he has conducted online investigations, provided training, and researched the continually evolving field of OSINT. Leo has also presented at a number of international cybersecurity conferences on the topic of OSINT and conducting safe, efficient, and effective online investigations.

Based in Italy, Leo’s public sector clients include the Italian police force, the Italian Ministry of Finance, Milan University, and the defense industry. Some of his private sector clients include US media outlets, private investigators, insurance companies, and banks.

Leo is highly proficient in Paterva’s Maltego open-source gathering software as he continually uses it as a freelancer online investigator. Leo also runs group training classes in Europe on how to use Maltego and its various transforms, such as Social Links, which is used to gather information on, and analyse, online activity such as social media networks and the deep web. Leo also makes a concerted effort to teach students on how to use Maltego to present findings in a pdf report format so third parties can easily interpret information.

He has trained hundreds of individuals: police officers, corporate investigators, intelligence analysts, fraud analysts, journalists, private investigators. Among the companies which employees he trained there are: Kroll, Unicredit, Agusta-Westland, Admiral Group, ACFE, RCS Mediagroup, and the Counterterrorism branch of the Italian National Police. He has also taught many college courses related to Personal Digital Security, OSINT, and Data Journalism and he has been invited as a speaker at several national and international conferences

His book, “Esplorare Internet” has been a top seller in Italy and has been used as a hadbook by several public and private organizations.

Leonida Reitano is also a certified instructor for Social Links and official OSINT trainer of the Italian Police Force (Polizia di Stato).

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