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Teaching Sales Teams to Sell Cyber Security is Crucial

Updated: Jan 4

Industries across the board implement sales training, and the more complex the industry, the more crucial sales training is. To be effective at sales, more than just a basic knowledge is needed, a particular threshold of understanding needs to be reached.

Good sales people need to understand what they are selling, be it products or services, and know them intimately. They need to be able to explain these products and services, as well as their benefits, to audiences across the board, from technical experts to people with little understanding of technology.

And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to cyber security. Infosec has become critical to every business, and affects ever member of staff, from the bottom right to the CEO, and particularly when it comes to sales, and there are a slew of tools and products available on the market to cover almost every possible aspect of security.

So what has the ability to develop these knowledgeable and capable sales teams, particularly in a world with incredibly complex, advanced and ever-evolving threats? The answer, training by absolute professionals who have a deep understanding of the discipline.

These days, training can happen in a variety of settings - online, in person, through virtual training labs, what is really important, is to learn to sell beyond cyber security, and sell real solutions, by demonstrating to potential and existing clients how your company’s services or products are the answer to their cyber security problems.

Practical training that has been designed to explain the most important cyber security concepts as well as an overview of the security industry for those sales people who are not particularly technical can be a huge benefit. This will help them understand how the industry operates, and how the tools available today are employed in the end client’s offices.

It is also helpful for cyber security sales teams to get a handle on who the main players in the cyber security industry are, as well as how the final products that implement the different concepts actually look like, and how they are marketed.

In ending, I would say it would be helpful to give them an idea of where the landscape, industry and market is moving, and which trends are likely to affect them in the future.

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