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Events & Consulting 

We have a keen understanding of our primary audience in IT and Cybersecurity, and there is no challenge beyond our capabilities!



itrainsec organises and supports through consulting top-class IT & cybersecurity events worldwide. Having a huge experience working with IT community we understand what exactly is needed by this audience. We know the atmosphere they are looking for attending the events, their needs and preferences, the quality of content they expect, activities they’d like to participate in. We also know what IT industry wants businesses to learn about and get familiar with. That’s why we are able to offer the content for both tech and non-tech audiences, empowering businesses at all levels.

What we offer: 

Wooden Chess Pieces

Strategy and Planning

  • Collaborative definition of goals and objectives

  • Effective analysis of target audience

  • Selection of suitable event format

  • Appropriate allocation of budget

  • Comprehensive outline of preparation stages

  • Fostered relationships and ongoing support of sponsors


Projects Orchestration 

  • Event management: conferences, press events, and networking activities

  • Strategic planning of agenda and on-site engaging activities

  • Seamless project management

  • Turning ideas and concepts into results 

Bike Chain

Supply Chain Management*

  • Coordination and logistics (MICE)

  • Venue space organizing (streams, activities, participants registration, welcome dinner, regular meals,      decorations, etc)

  • Reliable technical support services for event execution

  • Management and production of marketing materials

Man Signing

Content Production

  • Collaborative work with speakers from zero to hero

  • Topic determination, CFP coordination, program committee management

  • Program preparation, including creative elements and copywriting

  • Social media planning and development


Marketing and Promotion

  • Marketing strategy development for successful projects 

  • Planning and execution of content campaigns

  • PR support and media events organisation

  • Social media management and support


Post Production

  • Follow-up communications with attendees, feedback gathering, event videos and photos sharing etc.

  • Detailed event reports and executive summaries, including high-level attendance and budget overview

  • Personalized thank you letters to speakers and VIP

  • Creation of "happy faces" videos, capturing the positive moments and reactions of attendees

  • Aftercare services ensuring attendees' needs and inquiries are addressed promptly

*We have reliable and trusted suppliers all over the world to make any event a success

You can get everything listed at once or choose individual items according to your needs.


Experience our free 30-minute strategy consulting call, saving you 500 euros. Reach out via "Contact Us" to schedule your session.

Our Portfolio 

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Brussels Cybersecurity Summit 2024 (Brussels, Belgium)


Brussels Cybersecurity Summit took place in January 2024. The Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU brought together some 500 key European policy makers and global experts in cybersecursity strategy, coordination and capacity building, investment and cyber threat intelligence. While the event was held in Brussels, the main stage was live streamed, facilitating broad access. 


itrainsec role:

  • Event organisation, consulting and support  

  • Comprehensive outline of preparation stages

  • Speakers recruitment for CTI track 

  • On-site support: tech team & venue coordination

  • Conference materials development (intros, banners, leaflets, etc.)

  • Website development 

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Women4Cyber Conference 2023 (Madrid, Spain)


The Women4Cyber Conference 'Hacking Gender Barriers' took place in November 2023 in Madrid. It was the very first conference in Europe organized by Women4Cyber Foundation, bringing together women and men to collaborate on building diversity in the cybersecurity field. The organizers' efforts resulted in 42 speakers, 200 participants, 13 hours of useful content, and productive networking.


itrainsec role:

  • Bringing the idea of the conference to the Foundation 

  • Overall event organisation consulting and support 

  • Comprehensive outline of preparation stages

  • Seamless project management

  • On-site support: tech team & venue coordination

  • Social media support

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The Hacking Village @ BCC 2022-2023 (Barcelona, Spain)


The Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress Hacking Village is a place for cybersecurity experts to come together to practice cybersecurity skills and learn new ones in an inspiring and interactive environment. With 32 sessions featuring speakers from over 35 leading companies, attendees gained valuable insights and knowledge about the latest trends and best practices in cybersecurity.


itrainsec role: 

  • Development of agenda for two days 

  • Speakers recrutment from Microsoft, PWC, Kaspersky, Maltego, Opera, etc. 

  • Industrial games, workshops, and interactive sessions organising

  • Bug Bounties and CTF activities arranging 

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SAS 2020-2021 (Online)


The Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS) is an annual event that attracts high-caliber anti-malware researchers, global law enforcement agencies and CERTs and senior executives from financial services, technology, healthcare, academia and government agencies.

itrainsec role: 

  • Agenda development

  • Creative concept of the event 

  • Speakers research, recruitment and briefing

  • Outreaching sponsors 

  • Participants invitation  

  • PR and SM support

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Workshop Track @ SiINCON 2021 (Singapore)


Sincon is a highly esteemed cybersecurity conference held in Singapore/online that is focused on exploring the latest technological advancements and innovations in the field. As a techno-centric event, it brings together leading experts, researchers, and industry professionals from across the globe to discuss and share insights on emerging cybersecurity trends, threats, and solutions.


itrainsec role:

  • Series of workshops with experts from Kaspersky, and HEXORCIST 

  • SINCON CXO Briefings event: series of workshops for CXO’s on cybersecurity trendy topics: Threat Intelligence, Crisis Communications, OPSEC, Supply Chain Security.

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Workshop Track @ Hack in the Box 2021 (Online)


HITBSecConf or the Hack In The Box Security Conference is an annual must attend event in the calendars of security researchers and professionals around the world. Held annually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Amsterdam in The Netherlands, HITBSecConf is a platform for the discussion and dissemination of next generation computer security issues. 


itrainsec role:

  • Trainings by Ero Carrera, a cybersecurity researcher and developer, and Denis Makrushin, a cybersecurity expert and researcher organisation







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