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Irina Lysenko

Irina Lysenko is an independent assessment, learning, and development consultant, public speaking trainer, and presentation designer. Irina has over 12 years of experience in people development, with a demonstrated history of working in multinational banking and international IT companies, and over eight years of delivering public speaking training programs for corporate clients, including Kaspersky.

About the training

Discover how to deliver effective presentations and find your unique public speaking style during this comprehensive training program that is specifically designed to elevate the presentation skills of professionals in the IT industry. The course is led by a trainer with more than eight years of experience working alongside IT experts and explores the various elements that contribute to successful public speaking, to help you develop the skills needed to captivate any audience.

Although a well-thought-out and structured public speaking scenario might look good on paper - a deck design can look great and stylish - what happens when the stage, microphone, and audience are in front of the speaker? Your voice trembles, your body shakes, and perspiration beads on your forehead - physical signals clearly indicating discomfort. As an IT professional, you don’t question your knowledge and expertise on the material but rather struggle with how to effectively present it and where to begin.

Let's embark on this learning journey together, as we provide you with essential tips to transform anxiety and fear into valuable allies, making your speech truly magnificent and engaging.

The course will teach you how to step beyond the technical jargon and harness the power of effective communication in the IT industry. "TechSpeak Power" focuses on bridging the gap between complex technical concepts and engaging presentations. It provides insights and strategies specifically tailored to IT professionals, addressing the intricacies of presenting to technical and non-technical audiences alike. The training goes beyond surface-level skills, delving into the nuances of the IT industry and equipping you with the tools to deliver compelling talks, demos, and pitches.

Key takeaways:
· Learn techniques to communicate technical information clearly and concisely, making it accessible to any audience.
· Develop the ability to engage both technical and non-technical stakeholders, bridging the gap between IT expertise and broader comprehension.
· Discover strategies to influence decision-makers, sell ideas, and inspire action within the IT industry.
· Gain confidence in addressing technical queries and handling challenging questions effectively.
· Learn how to position yourself as a thought leader and enhance your professional reputation through impactful presentations.
· Determine a way to feel at ease and confident while speaking in front of an audience, and uncover your distinctive style by refining and aligning your voice, body language, and emotions.

Join "TechSpeak Power" and unlock your potential by learning to deliver captivating presentations that resonate with audiences in the IT industry. Elevate your communication skills and stand out as a confident and influential speaker in the tech realm.

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